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Negotiator’s GPS™:
Preparing Your Sales Team to
Maximize Value in Every Agreement

Powerful Sales Negotiation Training That Gets Results

Negotiator’s GPS™ is a powerful, practical, “hands on” workshop for up to 20 people that gives your sales team the skills, tools, and mindset they need to close more profitable business. As its title implied, Negotiator’s GPS™ is designed to help your sales team “navigate” their often-difficult journey from initial sales contact to final sales contract.

It gives middle market companies the benefits of our firm’s work with more than 10,000 workshop participants at companies like Cisco, AT&T, UPS, Apple, and Sherwin Williams.

Negotiator’s GPS™: Research-based, flexible, and fun

Negotiator’s GPS™ is a practical, outcomes-based program, that features:

  • Outstanding, up-to-date, state-of-the-art content
  • Tailored delivery focused on your company’s unique negotiation settings
  • Flexible implementation options to address a variety cost and timing variables
  • Fun, challenging, experiential, engaging learning design that is never boring

What is Negotiator’s GPS™?


Negotiator’s GPS™ is a powerful methodology for excelling in every customer negotiation. It provides insights, skills, and tools in three areas critical to help your team navigate through tough negotiations and achieve optimal results:

  1. Intention: Planning quickly and thoroughly for negotiation success
  2. Attitude: Adopting a mindset that builds resilience and negotiation results
  3. Execution: Applying tools and techniques to turn your plans into profitable deals

Are You Planning A Sales Kickoff Event?

GPS can be presented as an exciting, hands-on negotiation event at your next sales meeting. Your sales people negotiate against each other, and prizes can be given for best outcomes. This event works fine with groups from 20 to 500 people. The results:

  • The debrief of the negotiation invariably shows sales people weaknesses in their negotiation skills.
  • It provides practical, concrete things that salespeople can use in their next customer negotiation.
  • The energy level of sales meeting goes way up.

How Does Negotiator’s GPS™ Training Work?

Negotiator’s GPS™ is a flexible workshop that can be delivered:

  • As 4-hour, 8-hour, 12-hour, and 16-hour stand-alone courses.
  • All at once or stretched out to meet specific time requirements or constraints.
  • “Off-the-shelf” or deeply tailored to your specific company and/or industry needs. (Light tailoring is always included).