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Personalized, Structured Support
to Help You Negotiate Your
Most Critical Deals

Do You Need a Negotiation Coach?

Some customer negotiations are so critical that you need to “go the extra mile” to ensure you’ve developed and are ready to execute a successful negotiation strategy.

It might be a negotiation with a tough purchasing department to launch a new customer relationship. It might be a multi-party team negotiation of one of your largest annual contract renewals. It might be a high-risk negotiation to resolve a customer dispute, or a disagreement over service levels, quality standards, or liability.

It’s in these moments, where failure is not an option, that Negotiator’s GPS™ coaching can make the critical difference. And it’s where bringing in a specialist can act as an “insurance policy” to ensure your strategy is fully formed and ready to be executed successfully.

How Does Negotiator’s GPS™ Coaching Work?

Negotiator’s GPS™ coaching is implemented in four steps:

  1. Pre-work: a structured process of analyzing the negotiation challenge, typically involving an exchange of documents and one or two conference calls (with individuals or with your team)
  2. Strategy development: live or teleconference meetings to systematically develop the negotiation plan, assign responsibilities for executing it.
  3. Negotiation support: “silent partner” coaching during the actual negotiation to address challenges and make course corrections.
  4. Ongoing “as needed” post-agreement support: including review of contract documents and assistance with post-agreement issues as they arise.

Over the past 15 years, Gary L. Beal & Associates has provided expert negotiation coaching for more than 300 high-stakes negotiation engagements ranging in size from $500K to $2B.