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Sell. Negotiate. Win.
Arm Your Team With Proven Tools and Skills for
Navigating Their Toughest Negotiations

Your Sales Team Needs to Negotiate Better Deals

Your buyers are tougher, savvier, and better prepared than ever before.

To negotiate profitably with today’s customers, your sales team needs to constantly improve their skills, strategies, and tools.

That’s where Gary L. Beal & Associates can help. We work with middle market companies (typically $10 - $500 million in sales) that need tailored, flexible, cost-effective negotiation training and coaching that quickly produce results.

We work with your company three ways:

We can work with you three ways to improve your company’s negotiation results:

  1. Training: Our Negotiator’s GPS workshop provides practical, “hands on” training to build skills, as well as mindset to ensure they are used when it counts most.
  2. Coaching: Our negotiation coaching capability, based on the Negotiator’s GPS method and tools, allows clients to access individualized, structured support before and during critical negotiations.
  3. Customization: We have the ability to design customized negotiation experiences to help your people with specialized situations. We can create tailored cases, simulations, negotiation practice drills, and other kinds of activities that replicate the kinds of challenges your people face in the field.

Who is Gary L. Beal?

I’ve trained more than 10,000 salespeople and others at companies like Cisco, AT&T, UPS, Apple, and Sherwin Williams.  I’ve created customized negotiations skills programs for companies like Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Chevron, and Motorola.  Refining my experience with the Fortune 500, I am now focusing on more niche companies ($10M-$500M in sales), that need tailored, flexible, cost-effective negotiation skills training that can produce both immediate and longer-term results.

I provide most of my firm’s training and coaching services, and periodically call on my network of world-class training, instructional design, and consulting colleagues to assist me when needed.  A number of the firm’s associates are multi-lingual, and can deliver effective training to workshop participants who do not speak English.